Is Tim Tebow a Modern Day Moses?

It seems like everyone is talking about Tim Tebow…And why not? After yesterday’s thrilling overtime win by the Denver Broncos over the Pittsburg Steelers I even started thinking about Tim Tebow in a whole new way. You see, I never really “got” the whole Tim Tebow phenomenon back when he was still a Florida Gator (and therefore the devoutly disliked enemy of  single Georgia Bulldog fan including myself).

Despite the doubters, all Tebow does is win

And while Tebow was leading the Gators to national championships and winning the Heisman trophy, he was also slowly building a following of believers who relished his unabashed spiritual leadership and faith. And when it came time to move to the pro football level, there were so many doubters (actually, haters) that Tebow did his own FRS TV spot to address the issue.

Why Tebow shouldn’t be starting in the NFL

Tim Tebow may not be the most skilled quarterback in the NFL, but somehow he is leading his team into postseason play–in quite dramatic fashion. Just like Moses had weaknesses, Tebow is seen as ill-equipped to play in the starting QB position. He is an inexperienced passer with awkward throwing mechanics–his arm is not all that strong, doesn’t have a quick release–and he’s built like a fullback. He does like to run over defensive players which is not what expensive starting quarterbacks get paid to do in the NFL. And, let’s face it…he is inconsistent.

Moses shouldn’t have been starting in Egypt either

Moses wasn’t the people’s choice…but he was God’s choice.

Remember Moses? God told him he would set his people free by chatting it up with Pharaoh. The only problem was, Moses couldn’t speak very well. But God made Moses a great leader of millions of people. Moses’ slowness of speech became his strength because it helped him know that he couldn’t begin to do what God was calling him to do on his own–—he had to rely on God. And God’s strength is infinite.

Man of faith first

If there is one thing Tim Tebow does do consistently…he relies on God. He thanks God. He honors God. And no matter what your own spiritual views are, or how you view God’s role in Tim Tebow’s success…Tebow’s faith has done a miraculous thing. He has made God a topic of conversation among men and women outside of the conclaves of typical religious services. Tebow makes having faith cool. And maybe…just maybe…God is playing a role in Denver’s success. How else can you explain this miraculous overtime finish?

All I know is I am now going to go shop online for a #15 Denver Broncos jersey. Go Broncos! Go Tebow! Make a miracle happen next week when you take on the New England Patriots. Because with God…anything is possible. Perhaps even leading a team to the Super Bowl.

Meredithe Jini